Crafting Your Dream Basement

Home Office Solutions

Create a functional and stylish workspace within your home.

Home School Solutions

Design a dedicated learning space for your family.

Full and Half Bathrooms

Add convenience and elegance to your basement.

Recreation Rooms

Create a space for fun and relaxation.

Game Rooms

Elevate your entertainment options.

Kitchenettes and Full Kitchens

Enhance your culinary experience.

Generational Housing
(In-Law Suites)

Provide comfortable living for extended family

Man Caves and She Sheds

Create personalized retreats

Income-Producing Rental Apartments

Maximize your investment potential.

Home Theaters and Bowling Alleys

Enjoy movie nights and entertainment.

Trophy Rooms and Billiard Rooms

Showcase your achievements.

Hair Salon Studios and Recording Studios

Pursue your passions.

Smart Home Technologies

Modernize your space with the latest innovations.
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This is a real and authentic offer. The offer is for a limited time only. Regal Basements reserves the right to rescind the free bathroom offer at anytime.
“Free Bathroom Offer” is available with the purchase of a basement renovation of five hundred square feet or more. “Free Bathroom Offer “ is based on a 5’ x 8’ room size using builder-grade products, and shall include the following: One fiberglass shower base, matching fiberglass shower walls, one builder-grade toilet, one vanity cabinet with bowl up to a 36” wide, one shower diverter, one vanity faucet, one set of bathroom accessories, (towel bar, shower rod, toilet paper holder, and towel ring), and luxury vinyl click lock flooring. Painting shall be done using Sherwin Williams painting products- one color for walls, flat ceiling white ceiling, and white semigloss on all trim and door.
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